Yesterday I had the fun challenge of participating as a panelist in my first #CitSciChat –  while on the train!

The #CitSciChat on Twitter is a lightning fast discussion format, with a group of panelists answering a number of pre-shared questions, and participants from around the world chiming in. (So luckily I could pre-type a few of my thoughts!) The Q&A was chaired by Caren Cooper of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Fermin Serrano Sanz of the ECSA RRI Working Group, and Claudia Goebel of ECSA. Their introductory blog post is here.

The Questions

Q1 #CitSciChat What is “Responsible Research & Innovation” & why is it important?

Q2 #CitSciChat Please give examples of educational resources & guidelines to embrace responsibility relevant to #citizenscience

Q3 #CitSciChat How can RRI issues (#OA, gender, ethics, governance, edu, engagement) be addressed in #CitizenScience?

Q4 #CitSciChat What are key concerns at European-global scale at intersection of RRI & #CitizenScience? Regional differences in concerns?

Q5 #citscichat How central a role might #citizenscience play with Responsible Research & Innovation?

Q6 #citscichat How to evaluate impacts that #citizenscience can have on science-society-policy relationships?

Q7 #citscichat Please share good examples of innovations emerging from RRI & #CitizenScience?

Q8 #CitSciChat How to create infrastructure & culture to promote RRI & #CitizenScience?

Q9 #CitSciChat RRI & #CitizenScience are broad & evolving concepts, should we keep flexible or now time to be concrete & focused?

The Panel

  • Aleksandra Berditchevskaia, Knowledge Transfer Manager at Tekiu @leksy_b
  • Alice Sheppard, ExCiteS comunity manager at the UCL @PenguinGalaxy
  • Fermin Serrano, Executive Director at Fundación Ibercivis @ibercivis
  • Jessie Cappadonna, Management Committee Member at the Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) @JessCappadonna
  • Jorge Barrero, General Manager at Fundación COTEC @Jorge_barrero_f
  • Margaret Gold, Director of the The Mobile Collective, Member of Board of Directors at European Citizen Science Association @MobileMaggie
  • Norbert Steinhaus, Project coordinator at Bonn Science Shop, partner of RRI-Tools, Living Knowledge Network @ScienceShops
  • And as host – Caren B. Cooper, Assistant Head of the Biodiversity Research Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences @CoopSciScoop


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